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The services
Concept & Design
The task
FilmConfect sells films and film-related products via multi-functional Internet platforms that each addresses a clearly defined niche market. In order to stand out on the Internet, der Leuschner. Creativbüro was instructed to develop a modern and attractive corporate design.
The case
To present the FilmConfect AG to the public as a recently founded company der Leuschner. Creativbüro developed a corporate design whose modern elegance stands out. Given that FilmConfect has its main presence on the Internet, it was necessary to adopt stylish and modern business-aesthetics.

The business logo was developed with the proviso that the elements of a business holding and the business tonality are combined. At the same time it was important to communicate the media sector through a screen-like form.

The content of the corporate website was presented in superposed layers. The colour space conveys the innovative values that distinguish FilmConfect in the Internet business. In addition to the online presence, our team also drew up an extensive business plan that will mainly be presented to investment companies.

The design helped the FilmConfect AG to gain in popularity in the media environment.