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The services
Concept & Design
The task
ISA Consult, Beratungsgesellschaft für Innovation, Strukturpolitik und Arbeit GmbH (Consulting firm for innovation, structural policy and work Ltd.), provides research and consulting services in industrial and employment policy. The business approached der Leuschner. Creativbüro in 2005 with the request of revising their business image.
The case
Bearing in mind that this is the largest consultancy with close union ties, the management considered it important that its visual communication came across as employee-friendly whilst also appearing as the competent negotiation partner for employers.

The team at der Leuschner. Creativbüro developed a colour and graphics strategy indicating values of competency and reliability. Union-related colours were chosen for the conceptual layout and combined with a classic font. All printing material as well as the corporate website had a uniform structure in order to guarantee the highest possible information reception.

The Content Management System Individolé designed by der Leuschner. Creativbüro was the foundation of the corporate website.