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The services
Concept & Design
The task
The Kartzitz Estate is a traditional family run estate on the island of Rügen that offers selected holiday apartments. The task was to portray the estate as a special and unique getaway. The Internet presence needed a makeover.
The case
In order to position the estate within its surrounding, der Leuschner. Creativbüro conducted an analysis of all holiday apartments on Rügen.

The Kartzitz estate turned out to be a unique spot for relaxation on Rügen, and is positioned in the premium segment. Thus, we developed a corporate design which conveys the message “Exclusiveness in a personal setting” in the logo, on the stationary, in the brochure and on the website as well as in the photos.

Following the relaunch of the website and the publication of the brochure, the estate noted a considerable in-crease in bookings.

The professional branding has ensured that the estate is now one of the first addresses for exclusive holiday apartments on the island of Rügen.