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The services
Concept & Design
The task
Schlosspark Lütetsburg, the lifework of Reichsfreiherr Edzard Mauritz zu Inn- und Knyphausen, is a unique historical work of landscaped gardening in East Frisia. der Leuschner. Creativbüro was commissioned to develop a communication concept and implement it.
The case
Logo, office stationary, corporate website as well as further communicative material were developed as part of the communication concept.

In terms of historical landscaped gardens this park is unique in Germany. The newly developed corporate design was preceded by an elaborate conception stage that aimed to newly establish the Lütetsburg Park as a natural, culturally influenced and continuously innovative brand.

A modern self-confident business logo was developed that combines tradition and innovation. Reaching out to existing as well as new younger target groups, the corporate website was completely revised to offer comprehensive information.

In future, additional communicative measures will further emphasize the reorientation of the park in people’s minds.