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The services
Concept & Design
Non Profit
The task
Sonnenenergie für Westafrika e.V. (SEWA) is a non-profit organisation that works on improving the living conditions in West Africa. In order to evolve the corporate design to the constant growth of the organisation, der Leuschner. Creativbüro was charged with the rebranding of the visual communication.
The case
der Leuschner. Creativbüro developed a corporate design around SEWA’s fields of activity, communicating the tonality of the African continent.

The organisation’s logo shows the sun as a source of energy beaming out of the heart of the African continent. The colouring was kept in warm earth tones.

In order to give a growing organisation the possibility of appearing more striking when approaching potential donors, an information brochure was designed and sent to potential donors. The team created the screen design for the Internet.