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The services
Concept & Design
The task
The law firm Waitschies & Ziegenhagen has recently been founded in Berlin Mitte. Their area of expertise is the interest of employees and work councils. The law firm instructed der Leuschner. Creativbüro with the development of a corporate design as well as the conception and implementation of an information portal with information on protection against dismissal.
The case
Following an intense conception stage the team developed a design strategy that focussed on information reception.

What proved to be a bigger challenge was the lawyers’ logo that was to fit in with the corporate design. Both partner names and their field of law needed to be attractively combined. The concepts needs to combine the representation of the lawyers as competent and confidence-inspiring, along with maintaining an affinity with the target audience. A solution was found using different fonts. The appropriate measure of competence and standardisation was conveyed by the logo that was printed in the old relief and embossing technology.

The websites were to offer a recognition value in their different designs. The information portal, which addresses employees, was tailored to appeal to its target group in design and content. The design of the corporate website aims to place the competence of the lawyers in the foreground. Both presences equally addresses both younger and older people in their scaled-down aesthetics.