Our Mission

Our goal is
to communicate your corporate identity / brand experience consistently and authentically in classical and digital media.

We manage to
do that through consistent listening, clever questionioning, simplifying complex structures and tasteful design.

We do not
focus on specific industries. We want you to hear about your challenges.

Our aim is
to relieve you of your burden and to suprise you with our consultation. You’ll be in good hands with us.

Our Services

We think Brand strategy.
From the company’s positioning, over the differenciation from the competitors,to the communication Mission - everything contributes to thestrengthening and vibrancy of the brand.

We design Identity.
We develop your business and trademark, design house stationary,corporate and product brochures and dont let you leave without design guidelines.

We love advertising.
Sophisticated and subtle advertising campaigns or below-the-line corporate communication - ask us! We like to let our heads smoke.

We develop online.
Whether corporate or brand Web sites, community platforms, or e-commerce web sites. We develop user-friendly online experiences.

The office and the people behind it

Niklas Bohm

Communication design

Dennis Kather

Development / Coding - Cooperating partner

Clementine Kuckei

Project management/ Concept

Stefan Kuntze

SEO /SEA Consulting - Cooperating partner

Constantin Leuschner

Managing Director

Daike Martens

Communication design

Gyde Moritzen

Controlling / Project management

Anna Oster

Project management

Carla Reckling-Kurz

Project management / Concept

Fabian Schatz


The Leuschner Creativgesellschaft is a strong team of strategic thinkers and designers with love for the details. The Team is headed by Constantin Leuschner. 

This Team has managed to convince our clients that quick and dirty design is an uneconomic investment.

We maintain close contact to a Network of handpicked crafts and services that stand - from the onset to the implementation of your plan - with their expertise on our side. 

How we work

We focus on the answers that your consumers need to hear. How do we do this? First we look at who takes interest in your brand? How can your brand answer creatively to the needs of your consumers? How can your Brand get into a dialogue with your recipients.

Then we take a look at your Identity. What makes it special? What are the brand values? What are your brands objectives and what consequences do they have for you communication?

In our creative workshops we’d like to work on this process together with you, so you can benefit from our advice - at the level of strategic communication and we on the other hand learn a lot from you.